“I love big ideas and the excitement that comes with dreaming
up a better way to connect to others and build a more just world.
We know the problems—many have existed for generations. It’s
time to push for the solutions and strategies that will bring about
real change, even if they make us uncomfortable.”
C. Nicole Mason, PhD
President and CEO, IWPR
"The pandemic has placed a spotlight on the unfinished business of
gender inequality around the world, including in the United States.
IWPR’s Power+ Summit will be an important opportunity to raise
awareness and galvanize our collective efforts to improve the social
and economic conditions of women and girls."
Kate Wylie
Chief Sustainability Officer at CHANEL and President of Fondation CHANEL
"The world has learned an important lesson over the past two years:
Not only are women often the most affected by a crisis, but they are
often better at responding to one. We couldn’t be more excited to
partner with IWPR on the Power+ Summit to garner more energy and
action for gender equality at this critical moment in time.”
Haven Ley
Managing Director of Program Strategy and Investment at Pivotal Ventures


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This is an unprecedented moment in the nation’s history—one that will define us for generations to come. The coming together of a global pandemic and economic crisis has revealed the fragility of our economy and health care system and the burden carried by women in society where both racism and sexism are deeply entrenched and embedded in most, if not all our institutions, systems, and structures.

  • It will take 217 years to close the economic gender gap globally.
  • In the United States, the pay gap has only closed by about 8 cents over the last few decades.
  • Although women are 50 percent of the U.S. population, they hold just between 23 to 28 percent of all elected or appointed offices.
  • Just about 6 percent of S&P 500 CEOs are women.
  • Women lose up to $1 million in earnings to workplace sexual harassment and discrimination.
  • Only 2.3 percent of venture funding went to women-led startups.
  • 2 percent of decision makers at Venture Capital firms are women. Most firms still don’t have a single female partner

It’s time to accelerate change and move the needle on women’s progress and equality in the U.S. and globally. Join IWPR and its partners at the 2022 Power+ Summit to help Make Equal Happen.