Thanh Nguyen

Position: CEO and Co-Founder, OpenComp
Categories: Speakers

Thanh Nguyen is CEO and Co-Founder of OpenComp, a compensation intelligence company that empowers modern employers to confidently make the best business and career decisions.

Thanh is a leading compensation and HR strategies expert with 20+ years of experience – a trusted advisor to Airbnb, a16z, ChanZuckerburg foundation, Figma, LiveNation, Lyft, Uber and many more. He created the OpenComp platform to scale this knowledge and empower companies to pay employees fairly.

Prior to OpenComp, Thanh co-scaled the most credible name in compensation advisory, Connery Consulting, overseeing operations, a team of management and delivery consultants, and business development. Thanh was the second People Operations hire at Salesforce, leading the Total Rewards team for eight years, and later, establishing operations in Asia Pacific.

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